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Paris, France

Sou Fujimoto Atelier Paris is looking for an architect to join its Paris office.

Description of the firm

Sou Fujimoto Atelier Paris, the Parisian office of Sou Fujimoto Architects Japan and OXO Architecture, are seeking to strengthen their design team for the “Mille Arbres” project in Paris.

The agencies are looking for:

  •  housing-oriented project manager, 6-10 years of experience
  • an office-oriented project manager, 6-10 years of experience

Job description

The project shall be organised around the two agency’s directors and three project managers, one for the general coordination, one oriented housing and one oriented office.

What is expected from the project manager:

  • ensure project design in collaboration with the office’s director
  • provide project team management
  • coordinate studies with engineers and other consultants
  • supervise administrative procedures and financial arrangements
  • produce the necessary visual elements for the client and the execution team
  • plan the general programming of the project from its phase upstream to delivery to the client
  • ensure the general conduct of the work as part of a regular report to the client and the teams dedicated to the execution
  • ensure the compliance of the execution plans and the respect of the quality of the work, the deadlines and the budget fixed upstream
  • assist the client at the reception of the works and audit the quality of the achievements in order to formulate reservations if necessary

Professional skills

  • bilingual French – English
  • perfect knowledge of CAD/CAD tools and software applied to the construction and architecture sector – Autocad, Revit
  • mastery of the rules of technical and aesthetic drawings
  • good legal background, because the architect takes responsibility for the various stages of the project. It thus has the duty of information, alert and the responsibility of the technical expertise
  • strong knowledge of normative and regulatory environments applied to the field of construction and urban planning – environmental safety: HQE, ISO, RT 2005, etc.
  • ability to manage and supervise teams to carry out projects according to the criteria of cost, quality and deadlines – economic and financial management, planning
  • mobility, because the architect is frequently required to move

Personal skills

  • curiosity, rigor, artistic sense and strength of proposal
  • view height, transversal vision on all aspects of the projects: from upstream to downstream, from aesthetic aspects to more technical aspects
  • ability to work in a team, with a wide variety of actors = clients, consulting firms, work managers
  • taste for communication and pedagogy, explain or train interlocutors on the different subjects of a project – regulatory framework, technical constraints, artistic choices

To be agreed according to experience.

Start date
Jobs urgently needed

Paris 18ème & Montreuil

To apply
Please email your CV and cover letter.

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