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London, UK
Operations director

BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group is looking for a new operations director
to head up and grow its office in London. 

BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group is an international architectural company characterised by an entrepreneurial spirit, true teamwork across expertise areas, and new ways of approaching conventional tasks. We have an informal work environment where camaraderie and collegial support are highly valued, and where ambition, strong work morale and dedication to being innovators of our field, unify our staff. Our office culture is characterised by creativity, high energy and a strong team spirit. We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a cool workplace, where we continuously strive at pushing ourselves and becoming better at what we do.

BIG currently employs nearly 500 people across Copenhagen, New York and London. The office in London opened in April 2016 and currently employs 16 skilled, dedicated and ambitious architects and designers.

About the job

We are dedicated to growing our office in London. And your key task will be to drive this growth!

Reporting to the chief executive officer, the operations director holds a key role in BIG as the person responsible for the overall performance, profit, and loss of the London office. As such, the operations director is responsible for managing the BIG LON organisation, including driving and developing all aspects of the value-chain from

  • working with BIG partnerships to pursue, evaluate and select new business opportunities that support our ambitions within architecture
  • overseeing, participating in, and securing effective bid and contract negotiations
  • ensuring legal compliance and managing legal risks
  • staffing the teams and projects with skilled and suitable people at the right time
  • ensuring good client relations
  • driving effective project controlling and ensuring project performance incl. timely delivery, quality, and project finances
  • managing financial performance incl. work in progress and days of sales outstanding – DSO
  • ensuring an efficient and inspiring workplace, both physically and culturally

In addition to the daily operational tasks, the operations director takes part in defining the corporate strategy, delineating issues and remedies, and in the general buildup of BIG LON as a professional organisation with set procedures and approaches to business and organisation.

About the team

Obviously, the operations director cannot attend to all these tasks single-handedly. To support them we have on site support as well as skilled teams in place in Copenhagen and New York with in-depth knowledge of their field, including but not limited to business development, finance, IT, legal, HR, project controlling, contract management etc.

Your management team in London will consist of our technical director and design director and you will have good support from our front office manager as well as the entire dedicated team.

About you

We are looking for a person who has first-hand experience with most of the tasks listed above, preferably with a background within architecture, engineering or other related consultancies. You don’t have to be an architect but we are looking for someone who have demonstrated the ability to pursue new business opportunities, proactively build and maintain a strong network and deliver results in the industry, preferably in the London area. Also, you have five+ years of leadership experience and consider it a success-criteria to see people around you grow with their tasks.

Cultural fit and a passion for what we do are emphasized at BIG and thus we are searching for a candidate who is crazy about architecture, excited by uniquely high performance, collaborating with many stakeholders in the effort to find the best solutions, and who thrives in a dynamic and changing environment. You are most likely to succeed in and enjoy this job if you are results driven, pragmatic, a strong and empathetic collaborator, and have the ability to balance stakeholder management with stamina and persistency. Finally, you have to enjoy working in a busy environment where changes and adjustments to plans happen on a daily basis.


We wish to fill this position as soon as possible so do not delay your application, but please submit via Please feel free to contact our COO Tine Kaspersen at +45 2510 4489 or, should you want to know more about the position.

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