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London, UK
at BuckleyGrayYeoman

BuckleyGrayYeoman is seeking an architect to join its team in London.

Contract type: fixed-term contract four to six months.

Practice values

BuckleyGrayYeoman are agents of opportunity. We take what we find – on the ground and in the brief – and uncover unanticipated possibilities. The changes we deliver are executed with entrepreneurial spirit and a strong sense of responsibility to our clients. However, we never forget that design must also make you feel good. Our work is sensitive and authentic, but it is also unapologetically joyful and surprising. Like all Shoreditch originals, we enjoy sitting just the right side of unconventional.

Job role: architect


As an architect at Buckley Gray Yeoman you will be expected to be able to undertake the following:

  • develop initial ideas at the inception of a project
  • prepare and deliver presentations and reports of the highest standard at all stages of a project
  • to be able to work individually or within a team with other architects, assistants or interior designers
  • prepare detailed working drawings, designs and models using computer aided design (Vectorworks), together with specifications
  • working closely with other consultants and design team members
  • keeping up to date with the latest statutory regulations (eg. planning, building control, etc.)
  • ensure the overall running of their projects meets the practice’s financial and programme goals
  • possess the ability to run one or more project at a time from inception through to completion

Skills and knowledge:

  • highly creative
  • possess excellent written and verbal communication skills, including presentational skills
  • excellent interpersonal skills
  • problem solving and strategic thinking capabilities
  • good people management skills
  • able to exercise good judgement
  • highly professional
  • good financial management skills


  • confident and resilient
  • resourceful
  • strong team player with collaborative working style
  • excellent presentation skills
  • inspire and lead others towards high levels of performance
  • as an architect you will be expected to uphold the code of conduct of your profession, and act with honesty, integrity and competently

Working with others

Is easy to approach and talk to, spends the extra effort to put others at ease, builds rapport well, is a good listener; shows respect for the views and contributions of others; listens to and supports others; consults and shares information with others; establishes good relationships with peers and relates well to all kinds of people.

This position is only available to applicants based in the United Kingdom