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London, UK
3D planning technician
at Cityscape Digital

Cityscape Digital is seeking a 3D planning technician to join its team in London.

Full-time (Monday to Friday)

Starting ASAP

We are looking for someone new to join our technical planning team here at Cityscape Digital, to work across our planning and feasibility projects. Core responsibilities are camera matching for non verified and verified views (aligning 3D data to 2D photographs accurately), producing accurate wire-line views (Accurate Visual Representations) and producing related documentation.

It is crucial that this person thrives on accuracy, detail and organisation, and recognises that this is key to the success of our planning team. An interest in architecture and buildings is considered crucial – an interest in photography, design trends, art/sculpture or similar, is considered a bonus.

Planning technicians work with the head of planning to ensure all work is delivered to the highest standard, and they strive to make their work continuously better, while satisfying the commercial objectives of the client without sacrificing the accuracy of the work.

We provide training on all procedures and standards for our workflow. As a company that thrives on innovation, we will provide ongoing opportunities for individuals to deepen their knowledge, increase their skills through training and mentoring.

Required experience

It is desirable that the candidate has experience working in the London planning industry.

Minimum experience; graduate, intern or one to two years’ experience in one or more of the following fields: planning, architectural, architectural visualisation, digital or technical illustration.

Good knowledge of 3DSMax is desired; Photoshop required.

Working knowledge of other 3D or CAD (Rhino, Revit, AutoCAD).

Essential skills:

  • knowledge of development in London, and an interest in buildings and London planning
  • high standard of personal efficiency in 3D software
  • good verbal and written communication skills; able to interact with other staff and external parties
  • excellent attention to detail
  • good time management skills

Roles and responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities include but are not limited to

Workflow and technical:

  • camera matching for non verified and verified views (aligning 3D data to 2D photographs accurately)
  • work in line with the planning structure producing AVR1/wireline views under the guidance of the LVMF handbook
  • CAD model/drawing conversion and positioning according to OSGB coordinates
  • producing pre-planning support material (massing renders, reports)
  • adhering to server and PSD structure
  • basic and detailed 3D modelling from architecture drawings and reference information


  • working solo or in a team
  • work as part of a team, as well as working independently on projects
  • display confidence in own judgement and seeking to improve it continuously
  • seek critique of own work and take criticisms on board

Project management:

  • estimating timescales and working within time constraints
  • aim to meet or exceed project targets
  • attend client meetings fully prepared and engage with parties in attendance; leading 3D element of these meetings as time progresses


  • leading technical projects
  • liaising with architects and consultants for project information; responsible for full appraisal of all project information before commencing on a project; assess holes and errors, identify and flag these
  • ability to produce advanced analysis material within our standards, under the guidance of the lead analyst
  • producing documents in support of the teams work for internal or external use
  • Viewing Corridor Analysis and Views Assessment Locations knowledge from the LVMF handbook

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