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Readers for a new readerships programme
at Design Academy Eindhoven

Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) is looking for readers for its new readership programme in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) is one of the world’s leading design schools and firmly committed to research in its programmes. The various departments within the four-year Bachelor programme and the two-year Master programme educate students to become critical and socially involved designers. In addition to these teaching programmes, DAE has international readerships, which focus on collaborative, research driven and interdisciplinary projects.

Design Academy Eindhoven is home to a community of over 700 students from more than 40 different countries. The school considers its identity as a point of encounter between diverse cultural backgrounds and histories as a valued asset and a fundamental prerequisite to its ability to form designers to operate effectively in a global context. Being a University of the Arts that specialises in Design as part of the Universities of Applied Sciences, DAE is also a productive environment for debates, lectures and the production of discourse. This aspect of reflection is an important building block for both our curricula and our research agenda and enables DAE to train people who are able to make meaningful contributions to social developments worldwide.

For this reason, DAE is overhauling its programme of Readerships to underscore their position as the spearhead of its research activities, reaffirming them as a site of excellence and a source of pioneering knowledge that drives and inspires all other activities within the school, and furthering its community’s aspiration to achieve diversity, equality and justice at every level of society.

We are therefore pleased to announce the launch of an ambitious new programme of Readerships in late 2020.

Open call for new readerships

The new readerships programme will pivot around the notion of Becoming.

Becoming acknowledges that it is time to revisit how both human and non-human actors could have a perpetual and meaningful agency in effecting change. The relatively brief history of human presence on Planet Earth has been characterised by a constant state of transition, and in recent times this transition has gathered speed. Accelerated evolution seems to envelope every aspect of our lives – a sensation of continuous transformation, exciting and terrifying at the same time, calls on those of us alive in these times to rethink every aspect of our existence, from the simplest to the most complex. In our work, in our social relationships, in our creative pursuits, in our struggle to survive on a planet under threat from our own past and present activities, we are constantly pursued by the sense that transition is inevitable.

Becoming will require inventiveness, coordination and empathic abilities. We see the role of the designer as important in giving form, but even more important in managing processes of complexity. The scale of the challenges that lie ahead require concerted efforts from across the disciplinary spectrum, and the switch that needs to be made is often radical. As individuals, businesses, governments, non-profits and institutions all struggle to find alternatives to impending crisis, there is a desperate need for professionals capable of bringing together, structuring collaboration, unpicking the stratified problematics of organisational practice. We see the designer as a non-individualist capable of multiplying their own knowledge and skills through the knowledge and skills of others, making the previously unthinkable possible. Alumni of DAE are known for their open and curious attitude, not being afraid to allow doubt, enabling openness in the outcome, rather than aiming for fixed results. Designers able to contribute to today’s challenges in a contextual and multi-species oriented approach, contributing to the construction of a just, diverse and non-extractive economy and society.

This is the ethos that will drive the upcoming cycle of Readerships at DAE. These readerships will connect sectors, investigating strategies and ultimately help stimulate the necessary change. Through the individual readerships and associate readers we will cultivate a research climate that will permeate learning within the school at every level, investigating design-led strategies. The research areas this Open Call aims for are within the domains of Education, Energy and the City.

The research programme will be articulated through three interconnected strands:

Evolving in Education
The state of Becoming does not produce fixed entities but asks impermanence, dynamic and agile understanding of knowledge production. The past decade has seen the growth of an extraordinarily fertile culture of fully or partly remote learning opportunities and online or blended education programmes. Little of this, however, is unfolding in the sphere of design education. How does your research proposal recognize learning as Becoming that uses technology as an instrument of evolution and democratisation of learning in design?

Energy in Transition
The dis-balance in the pace of production of organic matter into resources in relation to the accelerated evolution of humankind and its consumption, is ultimately resulting in an unhinge dependency on our finite natural resources, minerals and metals. How does your research contribute to Becoming in energy, understood as a transition towards a non-extractive flow, which should occur within time frames meaningful to humans as well as for the more than human.

Shape Shifting the City
At the time that half of the world population has concentrated in cities, new urban crises such as divisions and exclusion are looming on the horizon. How does your research foresee cities as Becoming the place where diversity can flourish as the force that drives change, towards an accessible more sharing and inclusive society?

About you:

  • you are a post-Master and/ or a PhD graduate and you have broad and conceptual knowledge of the research domains education, energy and/or the city, which you relate to the notion of Becoming.
  • you have demonstrable experience with research, knowledge transfer and contract activities. You stimulate and support researchers, teachers and students of our academy in improving their research competences.
  • you bring in a relevant network and are capable of weaving this network with other national and international knowledge institutions, as well as with regional and national professional fields.
  • you have good national and preferably international relations with relevant companies, governments and research institutions, and you are able to adequately activate this network for the benefit of the research group, the research agenda, as well as for the benefit of teachers and students.
  • you have demonstrable success in acquiring research grants in the second and third flows of funds and initiating, executing and delivering projects together with various parties.
  • you are able to address practical issues and answer them through research.
  • you are able to initiate new developments in a new environment and lead the implementation of innovative, often complex, projects.
  • you are a connector and have good communication and social skills.
  • you have excellent oral and written skills in English. Mastering these skills also in Dutch is favoured.


Within the central core question of the readership, you will give concrete details and direct the innovative research programme. You connect this with the courses and disciplines of our academy and thereby make a strategic contribution to the policy of our academy. This way you fulfil an initiating, facilitating, stimulating and connecting role at bachelor and master level and contribute to curriculum development.

You ensure the quality of the research according to national requirements and standards and you pay special attention to the positioning and connection of the research group with the environment, both within the Academy, with the region, National and International. You develop strategic networks and thereby create an inspiring research culture. To make this possible, you initiate and coordinate requests for research grants and external funding and you give direction to publication policy and presentations. You publish about new developments and developed knowledge.

We offer you a challenging position in an international and dynamic work environment. As a reader, you will receive support from an association reader and employees of the research desk.

It concerns a position of 0.4 FTE. Salary indication: the bandwidth is between € 5,345.12 and € 6,813.59 gross per month for full-time employment (salary scale 14). The employment conditions are in accordance with the CAO-HBO, including holiday pay of 8% and a year-end bonus of 8.3%. You will receive a contract for a period of one year and the possibility of extension to a total period of five years.


For more information about the content of the position, please contact Raf De Keninck (Director of Education and Research), by e-mail, by mobile +31 (0) 6 22947977. For more information about the procedure, please contact Emke Molnar (HR manager), by e-mail or via mobile +31 (0) 6 83372689.

Application deadline: August 25, 2020 Please send your application including your motivation letter, your CV and a one-pager research outline by clocking the ‘apply’ button below for the attention of Emke Molnar, while citing Readership.

The first round of interviews will take place in September 2020.

In connection with the Privacy legislation, we remove all data from the applicants after completing an application procedure.

  • Applications have closed.