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Remote working, Europe
at EIT Manufacturing

EIT Manufacturing is hiring mentors to work with the New European Bauhaus team remotely.

The EIT Community New European Bauhaus (NEB) – the objective of which is to deliver the Green Deal – has launched a call for expression of interest for NEB mentors.

NEB mentors must have the following relevant experience and mindset to apply:

  • systems thinking: communicate complexity in simple ways
  • life-centred: articulate a human- and planet-centric approach to NEB
  • design: understand when and how to apply (service) design to solve complex challenges
  • savvy: think strategically and identify a compelling path forward for NEB
  • enabling: be(come) part of social change

NEB mentors are to act as promoters of design for (social) innovation with the aim of creating an enabling ecosystem for NEB. That is, mentors collaborate with the mentees to come up with and put into practice NEB ways of living and acting, to which the mentees themselves attribute value.

For more information and to apply please visit this page or click the apply for job button below.

Salary: Up to €25,000
  • Applications have closed.