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New York, USA
Senior project manager
at Islyn Studio

Islyn Studio is looking for a senior project manager to join its team in New York.

Islyn Studio is seeking a full-time senior project manager to participate as an integral part of the interior design team for wide-ranging projects in hospitality and physical space startups.

Islyn Studio is on a mission to bring people back to their senses. To create a better world through inspired, empathetic design.

Islyn Studio is a culture of those who believe in the golden rule, those who are courageous and know how to cultivate joy, for themselves and other people. We are a team of people with a love of food and travel. At Islyn Studio we care, so much, and always deliver beyond the brief. We’re seeking teammates who find inspiration everywhere. A person who stands up for what’s right, respects the land and the people who live on it. Is a good listener. Is an open-hearted human being and a person who will fight to build a new legacy for the future of our industry.

As an Islyn design project manager, you will lead the studio’s interior design projects through our collaborative teams dedicated to design innovation and excellence. The project manager will use their unique design perspective to bring new approaches to design processes and strategy, develop next-generation talent, and help our clients reimagine what’s possible.


  • five+ years of experience
  • bachelor’s or master’s degree in architecture, interior design or interior architecture from an accredited college or university
  • three+ years experience working on projects in the hospitality sector including but not limited to hotels and restaurants
  • the ideal candidate will be involved in all aspects of design and construction and who thinks and works at the broadest and smallest of scales. The position involves contributing to the production, coordination and management of projects from design concept through construction administration
  • this person will have a minimum of five-eight years of in-firm/office experience
  • knowledge of the total project process including fee and internal team management, schedules, and client budgets
  • experience creating and managing internal and external deadlines and deliverables
  • strong ability to draft meeting minutes and document client sign off at key submissions
  • experience working on all phases from concept through construction
  • administration on hospitality projects like restaurants and hotels, that range in size from the smallest being a pop up to the largest being a fully realized hotel
  • ability to simultaneously work on and oversee multiple projects ranging in size, complexity and phases at a time
  • three+ years of staff supervisory experience for a team of three or more
  • mentorship and technical direction experience to design teams
  • three+ years of client/project management experience
  • comfortable acting as the primary interface with clients and construction based consultants
  • able to champion relationships with clients and consultants
  • experience managing outside consultants such as drafting partners and 3D rendering partners
  • ability to produce space plans, furniture plans, elevations, conceptual and finished design presentation documentation
  • ability to participate in business development and marketing efforts as needed, ex. writing contracts
  • strong redlining skills and attention to detail. Will redline and coordinate drafting team and project team on DD and CD packages
  • must be hungry for a new challenge, and have fresh energy, ideas and drive
  • you can see the big picture to resolve conflict and balance constraints
  • working knowledge of ADA codes and standards
  • experience preparing technical interiors documentation, including FF&E packages, finish/furniture drawings, fabrication details, and specifications, design development drawing sets and details
  • a sense of business acumen to advise and guide clients as required
  • experience coordinating with consultants and vendors to uphold the project vision
  • expertise level of proficiency in AutoCAD, Indesign, Photoshop, Google Sheets or Excel, MS Word, Spec writing programs such as Fohlio, time tracking programs such as Harvest
  • Standard skills such as:
    • organized, detail-oriented, multi-tasker, and self-motivated
    • strong written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills
    • must bring passion, positivity, energy, and enthusiasm to our team
    • ability to take direction and collaborate with a team
    • strong ability to juggle multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment
    • ability to lead and coach younger staff members on project team
    • understanding and command of Islyn aesthetic
    • solution-oriented; able to see the ‘big picture’ and understand interdependencies
    • comfortable presenting ideas – both internally and externally
    • display a strong work ethic and honesty and adhere to the company’s  mission, vision and values, policies and procedures
    • display a collaborative and professional attitude
    • must be flexible to change
    • strong adherence to standards and contracts
    • always has the best interest of the design team
    • knowledge of industry trends
    • knowledge of building methods
    • be a clear thinker, remain calm and resolve problems using good judgment
    • be reliable, responsible and dependable in fulfilling obligations

Senior Project Manager


  • weekly meeting commitments: 5%
  • weekly billable efficiency: 90%
  • weekly non-billable efficiency: 5%
  • annual travel commitments: 10%

Concept development and strategy (0% involvement in phase):

  • will be led by the creative director and primarily executed by the senior and intermediate designers

Schematic design (10% involvement in phase):

  • will be led by the design director and primarily executed by the senior and intermediate designers
  • project manager will need to review feasibility of proposed designs against the client’s budget
  • project manager will coordinate internal and external deadlines, team check-ins and client meetings
  • project manager will record and distribute meeting minutes from all client meetings
  • project manager will initiate drafting team to begin implementation of the final plans and elevations as developed by the design team
  • project manager will put together the design development cartoon drawing set at the end of the phase and distribute amongst project team and drafting team to initiate the design development phase

Design development (40% involvement in phase):

  • project manager will lead the design development phase and coordinate the internal design team as well as drafting consultants on all areas of the drawings set and specifications
  • project manager will develop and coordinate internal and external deadlines, team check ins and client meetings
  • project manager will record and distribute meeting minutes from all client meetings
  • project manager will be responsible for redlining the drawing set, specs and communicating sections or details needed through sketches or in AutoCAD
  • project manager will lead outside consultant coordination such as the AOR, lighting designer, landscaper etc.
  • project manager will attend all weekly meetings with the client and project consultants
  • project manager will distribute the design development drawing set phased and final deliverables to the client and project consultants

Construction documentation (60% involvement in phase):

  • review and finalize all interior design construction details with the senior designer as part of the completed drawing set
  • revise and coordinate completed designs as needed to work in conjunction with any new updates from the AOR or project consultants
  • project manager will attend all weekly meetings with the client and project consultants

FFE (furnishers, fixtures and equipment) (15% involvement in phase):

  • project manager will redline FFE to check accuracy of tags, quantities, spelling etc
  • project manager will be responsible collecting the FFE drawing sets and distributing to the client and any required parties

Construction administration (35% involvement in phase):

  • project manager will attend all weekly meetings with the client and project consultants
  • review, redline and approve all incoming shop drawings from project consultants
  • attend site visits, FFE install and final punch documentation
  • attend all owner and client consultant page turn meetings to ensure everything is accurately reflected
  • respond to RFI’s, Addendums, SK’s etc.
  • project manager will record and distribute meeting minutes from all client meetings

Relationship management (50% involvement entire project):

  • act as the primary contact for the client following the schematic design phase
  • attend client or consultant dinners as needed
  • willing to be flexible, collaborative and fast thinking and have the ability to work in the manner that makes the client most comfortable
  • lead consultant relationships

Account/project management (50% involvement entire project):

  • project manager is responsible for more daily contact with clients and will own and push back on budgets and schedules (calls and emails)
  • Ashley has veto vote related to the above push-back in order to maintain relationships, selectively and as needed
  • Ashley checks in with client once a month to ensure level of satisfaction
  • Frances leads creative calls and most presentations and is still responsible for nurturing client satisfaction
  • this is more tactical than relationship management and involves more day-to-day roles and involvement in schedule, budget and scope of work management

New business development (10% involvement overall):

  • stay abreast and attend local industry events, when possible, to continually promote the studio
  • may be required to write or assist with new contracts for repeat business
  • may be required to assist with proposal project fee and timeline projections

Marketing (social media, case studies, publicity) (5% involvement overall):

  • managed and led by creative director
  • some participation in Instagram, city guides and journals will be required

Operations (visionary thinking/planning, financial management, HR, IT etc) (0% involvement overall):

  • managed and led by creative director

Process improvements and systems (10% involvement overall):

  • primarily managed and led by design director
  • may be required to lead lunch and learn training sessions
  • will be required to participate in training sessions

Design Entrepreneurship (Furniture) (0% involvement overall)

  • Managed and led by Design Director
  • May be required to participate in the development of product collaborations as led by the Design Director

General studio responsibilities/administration:

  • attend and actively participate in industry-related conferences, seminars, events, etc to stay abreast of trends
  • enter billable and non-billable hours accurately in time-keeping system (complete daily before leaving, hours must total all hours worked)
  • record and distribute all project meeting minutes
  • be the main point of contact for the client
  • maintain the strongest adherence to the project contracts
  • be the main person responsible for developing and managing project schedules
  • attend and contribute honest input during performance reviews and monthly one-on-ones with the creative
  • director to ensure own professional development and define and understand yearly and quarterly personal goals
  • actively participate and lead in weekly staff and project meetings
  • participate in client meetings and conversations
  • check and respond to phone and email messages daily (all written communication, including emails, should be professionally written and without spelling/grammatical errors)
  • support and advocate for Islyn Studio’s overall culture, values and mission
  • contribute to an environment that is positive, efficient, professional, proactive, and team-oriented


Please submit the following using the ‘apply’ link below: 

  • a brief cover letter in the body of the email
  • your portfolio which includes a list of your completed projects as project manager, examples of project schedules, budgets, meeting minutes, etc.
  • your CV (resume)
  • all attachments, when combined, must be less than 10MB

  • Applications have closed.