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Amsterdam, Netherlands
Director of architectural product development

NOWN is seeking a director of architectural product development to join its team in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Job description

The director of architectural product development is responsible for the development and execution of NOWN’s new architectural products, systems, marketing and compliance collateral. This is a design and engineering driven position, coupled with finance, manufacturing and strategy.

The ideal candidate is nothing less than dynamic. They must possess strong design sensibilities, be rational and mechanical, abstract and creative while also having an understanding of the architectural industry (and simultaneously rejecting it). They want to make great design happen but they also need to understand that great design also meets sustainability criteria and work within standard EN norms.

Hands-on is not preferred but required. Good designers also know how to build good design and candidates are expected to have experience with CNC fabrication and manufacturing, and 3D printing, and have a basic foundation in electrical integrations.

NOWN’s director of architectural product development is chiefly tasked with designing and developing new products and systems, developing the marketing and compliance collateral necessary for taking it to market, and to prepare new products for mass production or mass customisation.


  • three to ten years in product development (physical) or architecture


  • computation experience is not required but an awareness of it’s importance is

The tools that you’ll use:

  • Rhino, Grasshopper, Fusion 360, Laser Cutter, Pressbrake, CNC Mill, 3D printing, flat knitting



  • must have portfolio
  • must be willing to work 40 hours per week at our headquarter in Amsterdam
  • must have experience successfully taking products to market
  • must have the ability to read, speak and write with art and precision
  • finger on the pulse

Benefits and perks:

  • competitive salary based on experience
  • professional development and endless room for growth
  • holiday allowance of eight per cent
  • self-managed PTO scheme

About us

At NOWN, we make design happen. Creativity, expert knowledge and cutting-edge technology shape everything we do, whether it’s exploring new ways to unite form and function, adapting our pre-configured architectural systems to meet project needs or partnering with clients through our solutions studio.

Our multidisciplinary team brings together architects, designers, programmers, engineers and artists with a deep understanding of the creative process. We use our collective ingenuity to bridge the gaps between design intent and manufacturing capabilities, and now we’re proud to announce that we are bridging the gap between the North America and Europe.

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Salary: Undisclosed
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