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Florida, USA
Design education fellow
at NuVu

NuVu is looking for a design education fellow to join its NuVuX team in Florida, USA.

NuVuX is seeking a design education fellow who is passionate about design, technology and education to join our team as an instructor at our partner school, New Beginnings High School in central Florida. In this role, you will join a unique, highly skilled cohort of fellows who lead programs at NuVuX’s growing network of partner schools around the world.

Why NuVuX-New Beginnings?

New Beginnings High School (NBHS) is a charter school that serves students from ages 15-24 years old with locations in Winter Haven, Lakeland, and Fort Meade, Florida. Their goal is to transform young people into productive, independent members of society.

Together, NuVuX and NBHS aim to bring design, innovation and real world skills to the students at the Lakeland, Florida location. The goal is to enhance career readiness for these students so they are prepared with the skills and mindsets to thrive in the future workforce. As the Design Education Fellow, you will support this vision by leading the design and teaching of studios, professional development, and makerspace with support and mentorship from the NuVuX team in Cambridge, MA.

Once here you will

In collaboration with NBHS and the NuVuX team, you will be a key resource for students and teachers in the design and execution of design projects over the course of the school year.

  • develop and teach studios on a wide range of topics across grade levels with the support of the NuVuX team
  • guide and mentor students throughout the design process: brainstorming, researching, prototyping, fabricating, documenting, and presenting
  • collaborate with a diverse group of stakeholders, including the NBHS team, experts from a diverse range of fields, as well as local organizations and partners
  • support NBHS teachers on the delivery of studio experiences

All members of the team:

  • have a passion for working with high school students and teachers
  • flourish while working collaboratively with a diverse group of people in an environment that is dynamic, critical, and wildly creative
  • bring unique skills, perspectives, and experiences to our organization
  • are enthusiastic and creative makers of things
  • are lifelong learners who are excited about expanding their own knowledge and creativity

Relevant experience: 

  • an undergraduate or graduate degree in a design or design/tech field such as architecture, computational design, or industrial design, or equivalent experience
  • proficiency in design, programming, electronics, and digital fabrication expertise
  • strong understanding and evidence of the design and making process: brainstorming, ideating, and prototyping
  • ability to think both conceptually and concretely about projects
  • teaching experience
  • strong writing and graphic communication abilities

About NuVuX

NuVuX is an initiative developed by NuVu to bring design, creativity and innovation to schools and organizations around the world. NuVu was founded to rigorously mentor students to develop innovative approaches to real-world problems, which we believe is an essential skill set for success beyond secondary education.  Our pedagogy is founded on the principles of the architectural studio model and centers on hands-on learning-by-doing under the guidance of experts. Through multidisciplinary projects, we help students navigate the messiness of the creative process through collaboration, iterative design and critique.

Through NuVuX, we offer a number of programs and consulting services for educators, schools and professional organizations seeking to learn, enhance or implement a practice of innovation and creativity.  NuVuX consists of multiple components that are implemented collectively for greater impact, including: program and curriculum development, onsite experts, remote support, professional development, and an online studio management platform.

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