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Remote working, UK
Fellowship in design
at Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851

Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 is looking for a fellow in design to join its staff remotely in the UK.

This year’s topic: Biodiversity by Design

“Putting biodiversity on a path to recovery is a defining challenge of this decade” the Kunming Declaration.

As humans, it is not ever possible for us to be separate from nature ourselves. We depend on the air plants make breathable, on the water from rivers and streams, and the foodstuffs originating and facilitated by nature – even if these relationships are ever more tenuous. there are many questions to be addressed by design. How can designers foster a reawakening of our ecological conscience towards this sentiment and towards repair? What solutions can be utilised in the near future to stimulate a paradigm shift towards greater stewardship and nurturing for all species on earth?

How does the material supply chain affect ecological systems and how could this be bettered? What would need to change in the way we design, make and build things today to better support nature tomorrow? What would a wilder made world look like, and do we want it?

Entries will be accepted not only from individuals but also from formal or informal partnerships. Candidates should be UK-based aiming to carry out research over a two-year period culminating in a milestone output of significance. In all cases, candidates should identify a mentor who can contribute objectively to the project and widen the reach of outputs to help make a difference.

This is a full-time two-year fellowship funded at £50,000 pa. The fellowship must commence by 31 December 2024.

Clsoing date: 10 September 2024
Stage 2 submissions due: 17 October 2024 (shortlisted candidates are asked to send amplifying statements)
Interviews: 12 November 2024

Please apply via our online application system only (no email applications) by clicking the apply for job button below.

Salary: Undisclosed