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London, UK
Junior design strategist
at Seymourpowell

Seymourpowell is seeking a junior design strategist to join its team in London.

The role: junior design strategist

Experience: junior

What we do

Seymourpowell help companies plan and create integrated product and brand experiences that people love. Our Foresight team is a small and specialist unit within Seymourpowell, comprised of world class forecasters, strategists, and researchers who create the conditions for design and innovation to thrive.

We are lucky to work with many of the world’s best loved brands and innovative start-ups. From space ships to sex toys we cover pretty much every category you can dream of.

What we believe

We believe that design can and should make things better for people, business and the world.

What we are looking for

We’re on the hunt for exceptional Design Strategist to join our Foresight team.

Identifying and developing talent is a passion of ours. We’re keen to bring new views and opinions into our business and to develop new insight products to offer our clients. That means seeking out new talent that pushes us beyond our comfort zone, and that’s where you come in.

You are a Seymourpowell design strategist if…

You work with passion

Seymourpowell’s team is built from a broad range of skills and personalities. What unites our diversity is our passion for mastering our craft and delivering excellence.

You have a love for design

We are looking for someone with a deep understanding of design. You should have a degree that is relevant to a design and innovation company (for example in product, transport, packaging, engineering, or digital)

You are culturally keyed in

You are curious and have a good understanding of trends and are able to quickly get to grips with the concepts and language of new subject areas. You enjoy exploring how trends will affect the world and know how to use them to inspire the design and innovation process.

You are an instigator

You start things and work proactively taking the initiative in a resourceful way. When you don’t know the answer, you work hard to figure it out.

You are original

You bring new perspectives to challenges and are able to inspire your team mates with fresh perspectives. You like to push beyond the current debate and imagine what will come next.

You are persuasively concise

You’re a natural story teller. You have an eye for beauty and a way with words. You are comfortable presenting as part of a team and like to explore new mediums.

You know your tools

You are familiar with a broad range of research and analytical tools and you know how and when to apply them. You are comfortable leading day-to-day project planning, suggesting methodologies, conducting and capturing fieldwork, expert interviews etc.

You are meticulously concise

You sweat the small stuff, you are considered and opinionated.  You know how to gather, analyse and prioritise information.

You take a critical approach

Whilst an optimist at heart, you use critical thinking skills to stress-test your work against your client’s business priorities.

You are solution focussed

You have strong analytical skills. You like problem solving and are able to bring well-informed and fresh approaches to our client’s business challenges.

You can make a mean cup of tea

Collaboration makes you tick and you believe in the adage that two heads are better than one. You love learning from and with your team mates.


As a junior design strategist, you would work with more senior team members to:

  • map markets and identify relevant brand opportunities
  • track and monitor emerging trends so you have a clear point of view on the future
  • use design research methodologies to gather consumer insights
  • craft compelling presentations, that clearly and concisely summarise research findings
  • prepare collateral for client workshops and presentations
  • present your work to project team members and clients
  • contribute to SP’s social media and marketing activities

  • Applications have closed.