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Hong Kong, China
Advanced design architects
at UNStudio

UNStudio is searching for advanced design architects to join its offices in Hong Kong.

As an international architectural firm, UNStudio is active in the broadest fields of architecture. Our project portfolio covers every aspect of architecture, ranging from small to large scale projects, research and theory.  The atmosphere within our offices in Amsterdam, Shanghai and Hong Kong is international, multidisciplinary and ambitious, but also open, non-hierarchical, team-based and friendly, with attention to personal well-being, knowledge development and career planning.

We are currently looking for advanced design architects to join our Hong Kong office. The ideal candidates should have strong design sensibilities, effective management and team leadership skills, a flexible mentality, strong communication skills and later-stage experience on constructed projects.


  • five to eight-plus years of experience as a design architect who has overseen or assisted in overseeing a team
  • documented experience in multiple phases of the design, with the ability to implement a design concept from preliminary studies through to construction and detailing
  • strong aesthetic sensibilities and design skills, with a keen awareness of how concepts drive and integrate design, language, constraints and regulations
  • experience in geometric optimisation and fabrication processes for complex geometry and curvature
  • technical problem solver with the ability to work out architectural solutions through innovative thinking (documented through construction and shop drawings/details)
  • good team player with the ability to organise both own work and others, clearly communicate with the director, and coach/motivate team members
  • proactive and self-motivated, with a continuous desire to learn and grow
  • fluent English communication skills with additional fluency in Cantonese a plus
  • Good knowledge of Rhinoceros (Grasshopper and RhinoScript/Python a plus), AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite, etc.
  • professional BIM experience on geometrically complex projects (preferably Revit) a plus


Working conditions are according to Chinese legislation. Applications consisting of a short cover letter, CV and portfolio can be sent digitally (PDF, max. 10MB) to Feely Pan at




  • 5–8 年+从事建筑设计行业,并具管理或协助管理团队的经验
  • 拥有贯穿所有阶段的项目经验,能够实施从概念设计阶段如初步研究贯穿到施工及细部的整个阶段
  • 杰出的美学感知力和设计能力,拥有敏銳的意識驅動和整合設計、語言、限制和建筑規定
  • 具备复杂的几何形状及曲面的几何优化及其制造工艺的丰富经验和知识
  • 能够运用极其出色的专业技术通过创新性思维提供建筑方案(具备建设施工图/细部审阅执业资质)
  • 具备团队协作能力和精神,同时可独立安排和完成本职工作,并与项目负责人保持有效及时的沟通,能够引导和激励团队成员
  • 积极主动,求知欲强
  • 流利的英文沟通能力(阅读及书写) ,流利的粤语沟通能力将获优先考虑(阅读及书写)
  • 熟练掌握和运用AutoCAD, Rhinoceros (包括Grasshopper, RhinoScript), Adobe Creative Suite等制图软件
  • 具备BIM技能和经验者,特别是复杂的几何项目(Revit)将获优先考虑


工作条件依据中国相关法律。福利制度依据UNStudio内部统一标准。请将求职信、简历、作品集(PDF格式,最大不超过10M)以电子邮件的形式发送到: Feely Pan

  • Applications have closed.