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San Francisco, USA
Architecture and design manager
at Airbnb Samara

Airbnb is looking for an architecture and design manager to join its growing Samara team in San Francisco. 

Samara is a design studio at Airbnb that reimagines social norms to advance humankind. We’re the skunkworks unit of Airbnb with a mission to explore the unexplored, designing products and services that adapt to our lives, bringing us closer to each other and with ourselves.

Our work is anchored in beautiful design, rich narrative, a radical spirit, and expands on Airbnb’s DNA. We work closely with Airbnb and its core business model, but operate with a more experimental, flexible attitude towards ideating and shipping products, focusing more on pushing technological and cultural boundaries.

The role

Samara is looking for an architecture and design manager to lead architectural research and design explorations (check out a past project, Yoshino Cedar House). You will be responsible for building and managing a dedicated design team, leading architectural research and establishing collaborations with external studios and partners. You’ll work on beautiful and radical projects, making impossible concepts possible and, ultimately, helping pioneer the future of Airbnb.


  • expand on and articulate the team’s vision of the future of architecture and design
  • build and manage an architecture and design team
  • lead architectural research projects
  • establish collaborations with architecture and design studios from around the world
  • work closely with product managers, engineers, and creative producers to make the projects real

Our ideal candidate

  • is motivated by an ability to collaborate with and empower other designers
  • has an eye for detail, refined aesthetic sensibility and excellent visual storytelling skills
  • possesses the technical skills to independently carry an idea through all stages of production
  • knows how to manage small creative teams, coach and teach other designers
  • things from first principles, instead of thinking by analogy
  • experiments and learns, is not afraid of public opinion or critique
  • is passionate about architecture, industrial design, fashion, music, and film


  • portfolio showing design and research projects from a concept to real life
  •  seven+ years of experience in architecture, research, and management of creative teams
  • BS or MS in architecture

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