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Cork, Ireland
Furniture maker
at Joseph Walsh Studio

Joseph Walsh Studio is looking for a furniture maker to join its team in Cork, Ireland.

Purpose of maker role

To make beautiful pieces that realise the essence of the design concept while balancing high quality attained with defined timeframes.

Responsibilities of the maker:

  • maker will be working within a small team of two-four other makers and in a workshop with three-four other teams
  • each team has a working zone within the workshop
  • each team will be allocated a body of commissions
  • the commissions will be collectively produced by the team and/or will be assigned to an individual maker within the making cell

Key skills:

  • good working knowledge of generall wood workshop machinery. To include panel saw, planer/thicknesser, spindle moulder, bandsaw, pillar drill
  • good working knowledge of general wood workshop handheld power tools. To include drills, sanders, angle grinders, jigsaws, routers
  • good working knowledge of all woodworking hand tools
  • jig making – competency at making formers and jigs for individual projects
  • shaping – working solid timbers to required shape/curve using appropriate power and handheld tools to give required finish
  • to be able to work from models as well as drawings
  • adaptable – part of the design is the making, be open-minded and adaptable to design and manufacture
  • constantly strive to improve or develop manufacture process
  • knowledge of materials – specifically timbers but as commissions are all unique and bespoke and as such materials may change
  • general knowledge of finishing, lacquers, oils etc
  • competency in manufacturing – a good understanding and technical confidence to take on a variety of projects with a ‘can-do’ attitude
  • neat, thorough, precise, diligent. High standards of finish are required


  • takes ownership to make and manage assigned projects, within allocated hours and to the correct standards
  • tracks and monitors aspects and times of manufacture as required
  • actively accepts feedback and guidance from more experienced makers
  • continually learns and assimilates knowledge, skills and techniques into knowledge base and applies learning to new situations and projects
  • effectively manages the balance between delivering highest quality with efficiency and time

Staff development:

  • assigns work to and provides guidance and feedback to assigned assistant maker(s) and junior/intern makers
  • trains junior/assistant makers on techniques and tasks
  • freely shares knowledge and understanding of materials with junior/assistant makers

Project management:

  • plans out project requirements for all allocated projects, and anticipates materials requirements
  • monitors and updates project plans, adjusts to changes in studio plan and adjusts own schedule accordingly
  • updates own weekly timesheets on an accurate and timely basis, for prompt sign-off by cell lead
  • updates project documentation to reflect agreed making process improvements and changes, on a timely basis
  • attends weekly alignment meeting
  • attends weekly new-projects-meeting with machinist, provides materials list and discusses possible issues on a timely basis
  • provides feedback on materials to machinist
  • schedules and plans-out working week
  • effectively communicates both within the team and across other functions

Studio upkeep:

  • contributes to the upkeep of the studio spaces
  • uses, maintains, cares for and stores own tools and for any tools assigned responsibility for, appropriately
  • performs usage, cleaning, safety and basic maintenance on studio machines
  • promptly notifies studio manager of more serious machine or tool issues
  • consistently role models good safety standards and practices and ensures all staff consistently uphold safety requirements


  • adheres to all health and safety policies and procedures
  • adheres to all company policies and procedures
  • occasional site visits for surveys and fitting
  • an adaptable and ‘can-do’ attitude

Please submit applications using the ‘apply’ link below.

  • Applications have closed.