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Hong Kong, China
Senior architect
at UNStudio

UNStudio is recruiting a senior architect to join its team in Hong Kong.

As an international architectural firm, UNStudio is active in the broadest fields of architecture. Our project portfolio covers every aspect of architecture, ranging from small to large scale projects, research and theory.  The atmosphere within each of our offices is international, multidisciplinary, design-oriented and ambitious, but also open, non-hierarchical, team-based and friendly, with attention to personal well-being, knowledge development, and career planning.

We are currently looking for senior architects to join our Hong Kong office.  The ideal candidates should have effective management and team leadership skills, strong design sensibilities, excellent technical skills, a flexible mentality, and experience managing all stages of a project, from concept through to construction.


  • minimum 10 years of experience, with extensive experience with built international and/or large-scale projects
  • extensive coordination experience with clients, contractors, and consultants
  • excellent communication, budget control, planning, and organisational skills
  • excellent aesthetic sensibilities and design skills
  • extremely technical with the ability to resolve architectural solutions through innovative thinking (documented through construction and shop drawings/details)
  • effective project management and team leading abilities
  • excellent knowledge of products, materials, and construction methods, especially in Asia
  • proactive and self-motivated, with a continuous desire to both learn from and mentor others
  • responsible, accountable, and able to foresee risks and solve conflicts in projects
  • working knowledge of 3D + 2D software (Rhinoceros, AutoCAD, Adobe Suite, etc.)
  • fluent English communication skills (reading and writing); fluent Mandarin and/or Cantonese communication skills (reading and writing) a plus

Working conditions are according to Hong Kong legislation. Benefits are consistent within all UNStudio offices. Applications consisting of a short motivation letter, C.V. and portfolio can be sent digitally (PDF, max.10mb) to Feely Pan by clicking the ‘apply’ button at the bottom of the ad.

资深建筑师 – 香港办公室




  • 至少 10 年的项目建筑师工作经验,具备大型国际已建成项目的丰富经验
  • 具备与客户、承包商、顾问广泛协调的经验
  • 优秀的沟通技巧、预算控制、规划和组织能力
  • 出色的美学感知力和设计技能
  • 能够运用极其出色的专业技术通过创新性思维提供建筑方案(具备建设施工图/细部审阅执业资质)
  • 有效的项目管理和团队管理能力
  • 具备有关产品、材料和施工方法的丰富经验,尤其是亚洲地区
  • 积极主动且善于自我激励,持续的学习意愿和乐于指导帮助他人
  • 富于责任感,能预计潜在风险及妥善处理项目中存在的冲突和问题
  • 熟练掌握和运用3D和2D软件(Rhinoceros, AutoCAD, Adobe Suite等图形制作软件)
  • 流利的英语沟通能力(阅读和写作),流利的普通话和/或粤语沟通技能(阅读和写作)者优先
  • 具备在项目各个阶段从设计和技术方面领导团队独立运作的能力
  • 熟练掌握和运用3D和2D软件(Rhinoceros, AutoCAD, Adobe Suite等图形制作软件)

Salary: Undisclosed
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