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London, UK
Senior designer
at AvroKO

AvroKO is looking for a senior designer to join its studio in London.

The senior designer acts as AvroKO’s lead designer responsible for the whole design of a project through overseeing the definition and delivery of the design from conceptualisation, through development, coordination, documentation and execution in the field.

This is a project-specific role.

The senior designer’s core responsibilities are


  • leading the AvroKO team in conceiving of the project design to meet the clients program, quality objectives, project constraints as well as AvroKO’s brand of design
  • liaison between the principal in charge and the design team during the design process
  • organise and run regular in-house design sessions presenting to the P.I.C and with the team
  • work as part of the team sketching design solutions, preparing drawings, editing presentations, sourcing materials, finishes FF&E, producing work drawings, specifications etc.


  • responsible for the development of the whole design of the project according to the design intent
  • reviewing all documents to ensure they incorporate the design intent


  • represent AvroKO and the design for all consultant coordination meetings
  • manage design coordination within AvroKO i.e. between architecture, FF&E and graphics, and between owners, consultants and AvroKO
  • manage (or delegate) and coordinate all communications to and from consultants
  • supervise, develop and mentor designers
  • coordinate with the project manager in providing services per scope, budget and schedule


  • responsible for creating and delivering presentations based on AvroKO’s deliverables standards for presentations and contract documents
  • oversee the production and delivery of quality and timely sets of contract documents being drawings, specifications, budgets and reports as proscribed by the contract


  • partners with the project manager to ensure conformance with architecture standards’ checklist requirements specific to each project design phase
  • lead the AvroKO team in performing its construction administration services including:
    • responding to RFI’s and interpreting the contract documents to ensure the design intent is met
    • reviewing submittals, substitutions and field conditions for conformance with design intent
    • attending and reporting on field visits
    • conducting punch lists reviews
    • resolving problems and issues that arise during construction


  • this is a very important function of the senior designer’s role
  • as a creative collaborative, all voices are welcome and should be considered in the design process
  • while the SD has certain responsibilities and authorities – AvroKO is not hierarchical or dictatorial and goes to great pains to encourage junior staff in order to bring out their best and capitalise on their talents and energy
  • the successful SD is able to encourage staff initiative to think for themselves and create and iterate on ideas we develop as a team, rather than prescribe or force their own vision on a project, the SD also doing the work in collaboration with the team – not just delegating tasks

Project financial monitoring and reporting:

  • studio-wide:
    • forecaster: project what we should be billing
  • update at minimum once a month to reflect:
    • existing project schedule changes
    • new project starts
    • potential projects forecast
    • submit to PIC for review
    • billings – monitoring what we actually bill
    • update percent completes at the end of the month (or before client billing date)
    • coordinate with accounting
    • review A/R and help on collections
    • be aware of invoicing
  • project-specific:
    • project management report (PMR)
    • review at minimum once a month – preferably every two weeks, especially for large projects
    • adjust work plan based on spent to date (STD) figures
  • staffing:
    • based on routine PMR review and considering adjustments in project schedule or scope, mark up changes to the office schedule with requirements for staffing changes (which must be substantiated with a work plan and additional service agreement (ASA) where necessary

Staff scheduling:

  • studio-wide:
    • using Microsoft Project, one can create and adjust:
      • new projects (set to automatic scheduling) with durations (in workdays) and start dates
      • set relationship by creating predecessors
      • adjusting tasks to be subtasks
      • assign staff on a percentage basis
  • run reports showing:
    • Gantt chart overall schedule by project and phase – filter of highlight to suit for date ranges
    • project allocations by person (resource) to see total workload commitment near and long term
    • person allocation by project
    • overall studio-wide workload commitment to ensure full utilization
  • monitor staffing to identify openings in availability and report to the new business development team, to plan for new work intake
  • reconcile staffing with forecaster to plan for when we need work for cash flow vs staff availability


  • using Smartsheet one can create schedules and task lists (from the same sheet by changing view) in order to list the
    • main phases of our services
    • key tasks required during each phase (work breakdown structure, WBS)
    • timing and sequencing of key tasks
    • principle person responsible
    • progress and final milestone dates, workshops and meetings
  • those managing projects should be leading
    • project kick-off meetings
    • phase kick-off meetings
    • weekly team check in to review progress

Required skills and experience:

  • over eight years of post-graduate design experience with significant experience in high end, bespoke hospitality design restaurants and hotels
  • demonstrated conceptual approach to design
  • experience leading design teams
  • persuasive presentation skills
  • excellent teamwork skills, ability to work collaboratively with design directors and creative managing directors across the firm
  • excellent organisational skills with strong attention to detail, outstanding communication skills
  • proven industry experience with common industry software applications such as Adobe Creative Suite, 3D modelling applications, AutoCAD and Microsoft Office, Spexx specification writing software a plus
  • experience building, nurturing and fostering client relationships
  • strong writing skills (narratives, strategy, meeting minutes, proposals, etc.)
  • minimum bachelors degree in interior design or architecture, a masters degree is a plus
If this sounds like you, please apply using the following link. Only applicants who apply via this link will be considered.
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